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On a Video Call

Health and Wellness Consultation

Heath Analysis to identify obstacles, and make a plan to overcome them this year. 
I know sometimes we need more information before taking the next step in our journey to well-being. To help you move forward this session is for those who would like to discuss their goals with a coach, take a video tour of our facility and see what is offered before you start. (via Zoom)

Assessment Types:
Muscles Tone, Gait, Flexibility, and more

On a Video Call

Massage and Bodywork

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I am a multidisciplinary Practitioner and use my skills to best treat your health needs and bodily concerns.

This therapeutic session will include but is not limited to using modalities such as Myofascial releases, lymphatic drainage, trigger point therapy, gua sha, and cupping to best meet your needs.


Also included is a range of motion evaluation before and after table work.

This will be unlike any massage or bodywork session you have ever received. 


One-on-One Sessions

Providing Everything You Need

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