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I’m the concierge of self-care for busy millennials

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Roseanna is an expert in holistic health. She helps busy millennials master the compound effect of wellness through mindset, self-care, and intentionality so they can live a balanced and fulfilling life.


About Roseanna

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Having worked in the wellness industry and with thousands of people over nearly two decades, Roseanna Colabella focuses her practice and research on developing simple self-care techniques. Sharing practical tips that can be utilized daily conveys how small choices lead to big impacts. Her goal is to make health maintenance within reach of anyone willing and able to prioritize their own wellbeing.

Roseanna with ravenous curiosity is self-educated through world travel, courses, and hands-on experience. Her life journey accumulated into a clear perspective on what is missing in how we care for ourselves in modern times.

She holds certifications in multiple bodywork modalities, Herbalism, and coaching. Continuously absorbing information from all available resources further expands on her fundamentals of holistic health. Inspired by ancestral wisdom, she filters holistic practices through a scientific lens and presents practical guides for attainable wellbeing.

As a theater kid, she loved the warmth of the stage and the applause when the curtain was drawn. As a holistic health practitioner preaching the self-care gospel one by one was not enough. The realization of impact from the stage for which I am uniquely qualified met with my advocacy for public health via self-care come together in a jolt of inspiration.

Sharing her expertise from the stage permits Roseanna to bestow the knowledge she has gathered to empower those overstimulated and undernourished.

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Be a step ahead of your health; trust your gut

Taking charge of your well-being starts with trust. Roseanna demonstrates how to be a step ahead of yourself before you stumble and fall into a health rut. An ounce of prevention can only take us so far what’s really needed pound of connection. Connecting with yourself in ways never thought of before gives you the forethought for taking healthy actions.

Level up your life with a Selfcare budget

To level up we need to see what is holding us down. Time and money are habitually budgeted with anything outside of basic human needs easily overlooked. Nourishing our upper-level functions like creativity start with taking the time to rest and recover. Level up to the max when you start with yourself.

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Master the ripple effect of your life

A drop in the bucket seems like no big deal, however, a drop in a river creates a ripple effect that goes on indefinitely. On a daily basis, we create ripples in our lives with outcomes yet to be seen. Putting intention behind the ripples created in your life starts with mastering



What I respect about the way you convey your message is that it is done through logic...the way you explain your message makes it accessible to all… thanks for being real.


-K. Farrell


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